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Applied sensibly and judiciously, digitalization can increase sustainability. At the VDMA Technology Forum at MEMO Hannover 2019, companies will presentg their digital solutions contribute to tools being produced more sustainably or that can be machined more sustainably.
The new standards complete the quartet of standardized data of machine, tool, tool holder, and workpiece clamping. Dr. Peter Robl will present first-hand information at the VDMA Technology Forum at EMO 2019.
Most important trade fair for the die, model and mould making industry of the year with high visitor quality / strong member participation / INITIATIVE FAIRNESS+ / vast commitment of VDMA Precison Tools Association
Innovative ideas and products in the fields of machining, clamping technology, measuring and testing technology, research and digital services
Interview with Prof. Fran Barthelmä as a preview of EMO Hannover 2019.
Clever reactions to smart mixed constructions - digitalisation and networking are the basis for new business models.
At Intec from 5 to 8 February, six member companies will be exhibiting for the first time at a VDMA joint stand of the precision tools association in Leipzig.
May 21. - 24, 2019 in Stuttgart
Precision tool manufacturers speak of an AMB of superlatives. The huge number of visitors in Halls 1 and 3 shows the importance that precision tools have for metalworking.
Second-largest exhibitor group expects strong post-fair business.
International tool, pattern and mold making trade fair off to a promising start
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