Standardization work for our members

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VDMA Precision Tools Association organizes standardization work for the product areas of its member companies in cooperation with experts from the companies. Responsible for standardization in this area is NA 121: DIN Standards Committee for Tools and Clamping Tools (FWS).

NA 121: DIN standards committee tools and clamping devices

The Tools and Clamping Devices Standards Committee (FWS) at DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. is responsible for national (DIN), European (CEN) and international (ISO) standardization in the fields of tools, clamping devices, abrasives, stationary grinding machines and operating parts. Features and feature lists for data exchange as well as 3D models for CAD/CAM applications are defined for the areas of tools, tool holders, clamping devices and machine tools.

The FWS has 7 departments (the links provide further information and all valid standards for the individual departments):

NA 121-01 FB:   Clamping Devices and Interfaces for Tools and Clamping Devices

NA 121-02 FB:   Clamping Devices and Interfaces for Tools and Clamping Devices

NA 121-03 FB:   Tools for Pressing and Moulding, Tools for Forming of Solid Stock

NA 121-04 FB:   Superabrasives, Abrasives, Stationary Grinding Machines and Power Driven Brushes

NA 121-05 FB:   Assembly and Fastening Tools, Hand Tools

NA 121-06 FB:   Handles

NA 121-07 FB:   Cutting Tool Data Representation and Exchange


Draft standards for comments
A list with draft standards of the FWS, for which comments can still be submitted to the standards committee, can be found below the text as a pdf file. (These standards are not yet included in valid standards).

New publications of the FWS standards
You will find a list of new standards published in the current month in the FWS below the text as a pdf file.

Contact person at VDMA precision tools:
Bernt Ritz, Tel.: +49 69 6603-1980, Email:

Contact person at the FWS at DIN:
Daniela Rickert, Tel: +49 30 2601-2195



The VDMA standard sheet 34194-2020-04 " Balancing of rotating tools and tool systems according to ISO 16084" is available.